Enlightened Marketing

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Definition: Enlightened Marketing

Enlightened Marketing is based on the philosophy that a company should make good marketing decisions by considering some of the long term factors in mind. Those factors should support the best long-run performance of the marketing system. Some of those factors are consumers' wants, the company's requirements, and society's long-term interests. Essentially Enlightened Marketing is broken down into five principles:

1. Consumer-Oriented Marketing: The consumer’s point of view is of utmost importance

2. Innovative Marketing: A company should constantly seek real product and marketing improvements

3. Value Marketing: A company should invest mostly into value-building marketing investments

4. Sense-of-Mission Marketing: A company should define its mission in broad social terms

5. Societal Marketing: A company should make marketing decisions by considering consumers’ wants the company’s requirements, consumers’ long-run interests, and society’s long-run interests


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