Deming Cycle PDSA

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Definition: Deming Cycle PDSA

PDSA or PDCA cycle was made popular by Dr. W. Edwards Deming and hence is popularly also called the Deming cycle. It is also known as Shewhart cycle. This is a popular tool of business management used to control and improve the business processes.

Steps:There are four steps in the process which are followed iteratively to achieve the objective. The steps are:

1. Plan: The first step formulation of the goals and setting targets to attain the objective.This also includes planning what all is required to be done to achieve the set goals along with the timelines

2. Do: The next step is to execute whatever was planned in the first phase of planning.

3. Check/Study: Here, the actual results from “Do” phase are compared with the expected results from the “Plan” phase. ‘Information’ of any significant differences between the two is recorded here which acts as an input to the next stage ‘ACT’.

4. Act: In this phase the information about the differences are analysed to find the actual reason behind the same. Corrective actions are planned to decrease the gap between the actual and expected output.

By using the process iteratively and preserving the earlier improvements better quality can be achieved.

The process is very useful in the following situations:

- New product development

- Operational efficiency

- HR development

- Problem solving process

- Training of executives

- Compensation plan

Hence, this concludes the definition of Deming Cycle PDSA along with its overview.


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