Buyer Readiness Stages

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Definition: Buyer Readiness Stages

These are the different stages through which a consumer passes before making the actual purchase. It is a combination of 6 stages which are-


It is the stage where the consumer just has a vague idea of what the product/service is all about. If the awareness is low, the main job of the marketer is to launch a campaign which increases consumer awareness.


This is the second stage where the consumer is aware of the product but does not have enough knowledge about what it actually offers. If the target group lies in this stage then the main job is to spread greater knowledge.


This is the stage where the consumer starts relating to the product and develops connections to it. The job of the marketer is to understand what the consumer feels about his product accordingly draft his campaigns or communication.


The check here is to see whether the consumer prefers the product over the competitor’s offerings. The marketer enquires about the relative positioning of the marketer’s product in the consumer’s purchase list and tries to bring it on the top.


This is the phase where the consumer needs to be given a strong reason to believe (RTB) to purchase the product over others. This is how conviction about the product can be build.


It follows the conviction stage where after building confidence about the product, the marketer actually leads the consumer to purchase it. This is by offering discounts, giving rewards, making the product available at the consumer’s nearby stores.

A consideration of these phases is important before implementing any marketing plan. This helps to focus on what is it that is actually required to be done to convince a consumer to take action and get involved in purchasing the product.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Buyer Readiness Stages along with its overview.

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