B2B (Business to Business)

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Definition: B2B (Business to Business)

B2B is a transaction which happens between one business and the other. Unlike traditional selling/business which happens between a customer and company, a B2B business has more to do with institutional sales and business sharing initiatives.

Example can be business between manufacturer and wholesaler or wholesaler or retailer. The end consumer does not come into the picture in this type of business. It is based o the following attributes-

  • Smaller target group
  • Very focused
  • Highly dependent on developing relationships
  • Leveraging on the relationships
  • The brand equity is built on personal relationships
  • Buying decision is always driven by rational rather than by emotional biases which is possible in B2C
  • A longer selling process
  • Highly involved purchase decisions
  • The decision maker is usually a group of individuals rather than one consumer
  • Careful planning and need gap analysis need to be done for doing a successful B2B business

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