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What is Plano Gram?

Plano grams are graphical representations that show where products need to be placed in a retail store shelf. It helps to best utilize the shelf space in order to maximize sales. Plano grams can be in the form of texts and boxes or there could be a more graphical presentation of products and its placement.

It helps to utilize shelf space efficiently and facilitates better communications between retailer and consumer. Big retail marts are using Plano gram software to improve its product placement and sales.

Planograms are visual representations of how a product can be placed in a store and are considered as a tool for visual merchandising. It is a model or diagram that shows where and in what quantity retail products can be placed on shelves so as to attract consumers and maximize sales. Manufacturers often send planograms to the stores before launching new products in the market and it proves useful when same standard look and feel needs to be maintained across different stores.Visual product placement can be horizontal, vertical, and block placement. Horizontal product placement is done when the size of products is small such that is can appear concentrated at a place for customers.

Planograms may be different for different stores like convenience stores, supermarkets or hypermarkets. The number of facings changes depending on the store format where a company gives maximumnumber of facing to its fastest selling products. Planograms are used to communicate how to set the merchandise, ensure sufficient inventory levels on the display and to use the shelf space effectively.


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