Question the Objection

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Definition: Question the Objection

Question the Objection (Method of Dealing With Objections) is a tactic used in sales to convert a sale into a successful one from the point of objection(s) raised by a consumer.

Objections are supposed to be inevitable part of any sale. It is said that “one who never objects never buys”. So first of all, a salesperson has to accept that the consumer has the right and will make objections, since a purchase means expense of money, which no one will accept without reason. This is the time when the salesperson will remain silent, listen to what the consumer has to say (object) and gather the information about the consumer’s perception of the product. Armed with these information, combating the objection(s) becomes easier.

The best method to deal with objections is said to be ‘questioning the objection’. This method relies on the principle that the salesperson should not try to ‘win an argument’, rather (s)he should try to help the consumer by re-stating his objection in the form of a question, so as to clarify his doubt, which, if a misconception, the salesperson will try to nullify. Two things generally recommended in this technique are:

  1. Proceed step-wise to gradually relieve the pressure of objection
  2. Ensure complete acceptance at each step before proceeding to the next

Hence, this concludes the definition of Question the Objection along with its overview.

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