Sales Call Center

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Definition: Sales Call Center

In general, a call centre is an office which is used for the purpose of receiving or transmitting a large volume of requests and information using telephone. There are basically two types of call centers – Inbound and outbound. An inbound call center is one that is operated by a company to monitor incoming product support information or inquiries from its consumers. On the other hand, an outbound call centers is operated typically to carry out market research, telemarketing and solicitation of donations.

A sales call center is a specific type of call center whose purpose is to increase the sales of the products and services of the company. It can work towards sales lead generation, actual booking and selling of products, or both.

Sales call centers have currently started emerging fast since in difficult economic times, increased sales through sales call center can provide an additional outlet to help companies achieve their tight sales quotas and drive up their sales effectiveness.

The important things to keep in mind are the metrics used and the motivation and training of the employees.   The call center personnel should be properly trained to so that they recognize a sales opportunity, they can convert a customer service interaction into a sales interaction and that they can overcome customer resignations and objections.

As mentioned above, other most important criteria of success of a sales call center is use of the right call center sales metrics. Some of the important ones are shown below sorted out in three different categories:




Cost per call

Abandoned calls rate

Employee satisfaction

Sales attempts

Customer satisfaction

Organization climate

Revenue per call

Waiting time


Sales efficiency

Hold time



Hence, this concludes the definition of Sales Call Center along with its overview.

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