Differentiated Marketing

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Definition: Differentiated Marketing

Differentiated marketing, also called multi segment marketing is when a company targets multiple customer segments with a specific product and separate marketing strategies. Differentiated marketing is a combination of both undifferentiated marketing and concentrated marketing. Although, multi-segment marketing or differentiated marketing generates more total sales than undifferentiated or concentrated marketing, it does at the cost of increased expenses.

Differentiated marketing enables the firm to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Sales maximization
  2. Diversification
  3. Recognition as a specialist

A prerequisite for differentiated marketing is that the firm should be capable to produce and maintain multiple products targeting different segments with their own strategies. Also, the distinct customer groups should be sizable.

Example: Retailers and wholesalers often use differentiated marketing to reach out to the various customer segments they cater to.

Maruti would be specific example of a company who indulge in differentiated marketing to market it vast array of cars to every customer segment.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Differentiated Marketing along with its overview.


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