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Definition: Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click is an online marketing technique used by companies to reach its target audience effectively but at a cheaper cost.

To achieve this, a company creates an advertisement and creates keywords related to the organisation. These keywords appear in the search results of an online search engine viz. Google, Bing, etc. and are thus visible to all. Companies bid to appear at higher positions in the search results. If the individual clicks the link, (s)he is redirected to the company’s website. For this advertising, the company is charged a nominal amount only when its link is clicked upon by the user.

Recently, this process is being successfully employed by many companies in their recruitment process as far as the arena of human resources is concerned. Typically a company opens up this process for a specific time interval, say two months, during recruitment. The interested applicants click and are navigated to the company’s website. This method has several advantages over traditional recruitment advertisement.



  1. Cheaper, yet focussed recruitment strategy. Appropriate use of keywords increase the conversion ratio, i.e. fraction of applicants among all the visitors.
  2. This method has been reported to bring in higher quality applications also.



Hence, this concludes the definition of Pay-Per-Click along with its overview.


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