Corporate Image

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Definition: Corporate Image

Corporate Image is the perception held about an organisation by the various stake holders in the company (like investors, customers, vendors & government), public and the society at large. It need not reflect the actual position but rather it is a view that the society has about the company. It is simply the impression that comes to the mind when one comes across the name of the company.


One of the onerous tasks on the field for marketing professionals is to project this image and thereby hit the target market. It can be done in various ways – by branding promotion, launching advertisement campaigns, interaction with media, communication with customers at different levels etc.


For example let us consider ITC which attempts to build an image of being a socially responsible company.  Through its various initiatives like solid waste management, using energy from renewable sources, getting their hotels to be LEED® certified etc.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Corporate Image along with its overview.

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