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Definition: Ice-Break

Ice-Break is a term used to deal with the first few minutes of a meeting. In marketing it is used more often in a sales pitch presentation and describes the activities that are carried out in establishing a connection with a potential customer. The term is called so because in ships before they set to sail, it is a practice to break the ice on the sea so that the ship can sail smoothly.

The initial impression created on contact with a customer is very important as it could turn out to be deal winners some times. When a sales/marketing person meets a customer, it is required to establish a premise before carrying on with a presentation. To do this, the person must do planning finding about the customer’s background, have all the details about the product, trying to find a more meaningful connect between the customer & the product.

The process gains significance especially in meetings with senior professional levels where not only the product but the company is also at light. Some of the activities carried out to break the ice are to start with a small informal talk on something that would interest the customer.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Ice-Break along with its overview.


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