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Definition: Below-the-Line

Below-the-line (BTL) marketing is the marketing method for businesses that don’t have enough money but desires to make a meaningful connection with their customers. BTL has also been used by big companies like McDonald’s and Nike. With the advent of digital marketing, people are taking control. Customers have a powerful voice through social media which is becoming the largest distribution channel of communication globally. BTL enables companies to deliver a highly targeted, personal message to consumers.

Example: In the tobacco industry, BTL activity is a way through which firms in the industry have been able to conduct marketing that attracts less scrutiny from regulators in comparison to heavily regulated mass media advertising.

The BTL methods that companies commonly use are as follows:

  • Price promotions through quantity and rebate discounts
  • Vouchers and coupons to maximize the number of people redeeming them
  • Gifts with purchase gives customers something extra when they buy an item or service
  • PR events
  • Point of purchase promotions

Hence, this concludes the definition of Below-the-Line along with its overview.


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