Buying Signal

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Definition: Buying Signal

Buying Signals are the signals usually sent by the customers or buyers to the sellers. These signals show the intention of buying the product by the customers. Signals can be verbal like customers asking for more details about a product or service, while signals also can be non-verbal like smiling or change in posture of the customer.

Once a customer communicates a buying signal, he is ready to discuss how to take the ownership of the product and how it would benefit and work for them. Buying signals usually come in the form of statements or questions from the prospect which makes them closer to the comfort zone of making the purchase. These signals may show up within the first few minutes of a conversation or they may emerge at the end of the meeting or may show up at any point in time. These buying signals along with the time of show up determine the pitch a sales person is likely to make to the customer.

Questions on turnaround time, integration, installation, delivery, date or start of service, available features, expected results, product guarantees, installment terms etc., all are examples of buying signals and show the desire of the customer in the purchase of the product. Questions related to assurance because of previous experiences, also show the urge for confirmation of a good buy.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Buying Signal along with its overview.

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