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Definition: Pre-Sale

Pre-Sale refers to the period from which a product is made ready to sale upto the point of selling the product to the intended customer. During this period, a sales person is involved in activities that are aimed at selling the product.


These are some of the activities carried out in Pre-Sale:

  • Visiting potential customers
  • Providing request for proposals
  • Demonstration of the product
  • Distribution of the product pamphlets or catalogues
  • Replying to customer’s requests
  • Assisting customers with sales terms & technical support
  • Competitor Analysis

This term is particularly used in B2B marketing which could involve the selling of machines, instruments, software packages etc. In such cases, the customer (client) invites proposals from various vendors. The clients then request for a detailed presentation about the product/service from the sales persons. Here the pre-sales activities play a very important role in convincing a customer to buy the product.

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