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Definition: Financier

A financier is a person who handles big accounts, clients and financial transactions for a company. He brings together marketing techniques aimed at placement and marketing of financial products and services to the general public, finance companies and other institutional investors and may also have targeted the financial community (experts, analysts, organizations, etc).

This is different from bank marketing and is not restricted to financial products. Alternatively, a financier can also be termed as a person who provides venture capital or make investments in a company (generally involving large amounts) and receives his money back plus interest or a certain percentage of the company's profits.Generally, this role requires no formal degree or certification even through certain degrees and licenses are given a preference.  Typically, financiers share some of the same basic career achievements and skills training to prepare them for high-pressure jobs where a great deal of money is on the line.

These include a basic knowledge of economics and an extensive work experience generally with a strong trend toward advancement and heightened responsibility. These professionals also perform research, which is often an initial step expertise in one or more specific areas of finance.
Different types of financiers includes high net worth individuals, trust fund managers and venture capitalists.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Financier along with its overview.


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