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Definition: Spin

Spin is an act of establishing and promoting a favourable image among the public towards an institution, public body etc. and maintaining a healthy relationship between them.

Apart from using creative representation of facts related to the organization to enhance its image, spin also sometimes deceptive and manipulative practices. Spinning techniques generally include presentation of only favorable facts and figures, non-denial denial, non-apology apology (apology that does not express the expected contrition) avoiding the question, diversion, delaying or burying bad news and customer testimonials.

With the advent of social media and advances in print and electronic media along with the growth in their reach, it has become extremely essential for organizations to preserve their image among customers to ensure long term business relationship with them. Organizations, do not only have to make profits today but also need to convince the world that they are doing do in a manner which addresses various concerns such as environmental issues and CSR etc. However, in order to prevent presentation of misleading facts by organizations, several laws have been passed in various countries in recent times.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Spin along with its overview.


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