Positive Mental Attitude

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Definition: Positive Mental Attitude

The concept of Positive Mental Attitude was introduced by Napolean Hill. It says that having an optimistic attitude in life leads to positive things. It trains the mind to overcome the problems regardless of the difficulties. Such an attitude is a must in sales and marketing.

Napolean had provided around 20 tips that help to have a positive frame of mind. Some of them from the marketing point of view are as follows. One must mingle socially with other people to elicit information in a friendly and informal way. One can use humour for the informal interaction with people and also to promote one’s products. One must analyse all the successful and failed deals and try to identify the reasons behind both. A good sales person constantly seeks feedback from his customers for continuous improvement.


Eg – These days companies are reaching out to their customers through the social networking platforms like Facebook. They try to gauge customer preferences through this platform.

Another example could be of Amazon.com tries to provide a more personalized experience to him by suggesting products based on a person’s shopping history.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Positive Mental Attitude along with its overview.


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