Crown Jewel

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Definition: Crown Jewel

The most valuable products or divisions of a corporation in terms of revenues by sales, profitability , growth prospects or its value addition in giving a sustainable competitive advantage to the business.

Ex: ‘Good day’ biscuits is the market leader in the cookies category and is one of the fastest growing brands for Britannia.

Samsung Galaxy S4 whichleads the smartphone market, currently

Frooti, the packaged mango drink of Parle Agro

This term can also refer to the worthful assets of a company

Ex: An investment of an IT services company in creating infrastructure for a world-class training center


Given their business importance, companies spend more time and effort in maintaining such products/divisions. Also, the companies can also exercise their dominance over the customers since the crown jewels command a strong brand loyalty.


In business, crown jewel defense refers to the selling of a company’s ‘crown jewels’ to a friendly outsider or spinning them off as separate legal entities , when a hostile takeover is attempted.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Crown Jewel along with its overview.


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