Guerilla Warfare

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Definition: Guerilla Warfare

Guerilla warfare marketing is a marketing strategy that emphasizes on low-cost non-traditional marketing techniques to generate substantial amount of buzz by taking the customer by surprise without making large expenditures towards advertising.

As the name (coined byJay Conrad Levinson in his book ‘Guerrilla Advertising’)suggests, Guerilla marketing uses small tactics similar to those used in guerilla warfare. This kind of marketing is believed to make a relatively bigger impact than traditional marketing techniques as it aims to strike the customer at a more personal level.

It is especially useful for small organizations looking to make a mark for them without investing heavily in marketing. However, like any other strategy, Guerilla marketing also comes with its own share of risk. Because of its nature, it is generally not very specific and runs the risk of misrepresentation wherein the product is brand image (perceived by the customers) turns out to be a lot different than the intended identity the organization wanted to create for itself.  A successful example of Guerilla marketing has been Coca Cola’s “Happiness machine” video which went viral and gave tremendous ROI for the company.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Guerilla Warfare along with its overview.

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