Direct Response Marketing

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Definition: Direct Response Marketing

Direct Response Marketing is a form of marketing in which the response of the consumer is immediate and can be measured and attributed to specific advertisements. The consumer is asked to respond directly to the company / manufacturer through phone, mail, coupons, or internet etc.

The unique appeal about direct response marketing is that there is no middle men involved between the manufacturer and the consumer. This makes it more appealing as the consumer will expect to buy the product at the best price without any commissions or brokerage being charged by the middlemen.

The challenge in the direct response marketing lies in creating the sense of urgency for the consumer to buy and convincing him that the offer is being made at the most suitable price. One of the most important advantages of such a method is that it lets the advertiser or the manufacture calibrate the exact response of the consumer and also ascribe it to a particular advertisement. This lets the company understand what drives sales of specific products and help them improve work on those driving factors.

Characteristics of direct response marketing:

• There is a specific database of names, i.e. customers whom the messages are targeted to

• There is an emphasis on traceable and measurable responses

• It seeks a “call to action” like a phone number or an email id to contact

• Messages are addressed to a direct list of consumers

• It makes a specific offer

• It demands a response

• It usually has a short follow up

Advantages of direct response marketing:

• Results can be measured

• Hence the effectiveness of individual ads can be tracked

• There is no waiting period as the consumer-market interaction is almost instantaneous

Key success factors in direct response marketing:

• Database of consumers, i.e the right target audience

• Attractive offer

• Proper timing

• Ease of response

• Channels or media employed

Various channels used in direct response marketing are email marketing, online tools, mobile, telemarketing, voicemails, coupons, etc. There are ‘Do not disturb’ services in place to avoid voicemail marketing these days.

Examples of direct response marketing are pamphlets or flyers that contain a phone number to call, ads in newspapers or magazines which ask the customer to visit a particular website for a discount, etc. Marketers are also using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. these days to show ads which have content designed for the consumer to respond.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Direct Response Marketing along with its overview.


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