Mass Marketing

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Definition: Mass Marketing

Mass marketing is a marketing technique of a firm whereby it ignores any segmental distinction and appeals to the whole market with an undifferentiated selling proposition, i.e. a single marketing strategy. It is opposed to the other two variants of marketing, viz. direct marketing (appealing only to potentially profitable customers) and viral marketing (motivate existing customers to influence their families and friends with the brand).

Since the audience is undifferentiated, unspecialised products are the ones which are mass marketed. These include items like toothbrush, oils, soaps, etc. Also the medium of marketing should be the one which carries a generalised message and will reach the mass. Hence, media like radio, television, newspaper, etc. are used. Such advertisement directly correlate with the potential sales volume. This is necessary as the focus of sales remains on high volume and low prices.

One principle in mass marketing is that of the ‘shotgun approach’. The marketer will repeatedly advertise to maximise the sales volume by increasing odds of hitting targets. This is applicable when a section of the audience is hard to catch. A good example would be the middle-aged Indian man who seldom watches television. To hit this segment, repeated advertising is done during breaks of cricket matches.

Advantages of mass marketing include low production cost (homogeneous product), wide audience, less risk and low promotion cost.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Mass Marketing along with its overview.

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