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Definition: Summarisation

Summarisation is a part of the needs identification phase in the sales process.Here,the sales person must do a rain-check with the prospect in order to ensure that all the needs and desires have been covered and understood before closing the sale.

It is a measure to ensure that the appropriate or targeted customer satisfaction levels are achieved. By rechecking the needs and requirements of the customer before closing the sale, the sales person ensures that the customer wields the knowledge of what he/she is buying or getting. This in turn reduces post-purchase customer grievances hence, resulting in better customer satisfaction levels.

Example: For example, while buying a car, the customer is constantly assisted by a sales person or the showroom representative. It is the job of the sales person to acknowledge the customer’s requirements and accordingly, provide the product (a car in this case). The requirements can be anything, from pre-fitted air conditioners to music and DVD systems. After all the requirements are finalised and before closing the deal, a rechecking or summarisation of the requirements is done by the sales person. This helps provide the right product to the customers improving customer service levels.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Summarisation along with its overview.


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