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Definition: Tele-selling

Tele-selling refers to the process of promoting and selling products and services using telephone as an interactive medium. It is more transactional in nature compared to physical sales, where one directly interacts with a sales person. The objective, however, is the same- to make a sale!

Unlike physical sales, there is no visual contact, body language cannot be noticed and facial expression and non-visual aids are not available. In such a case, a salesman needs to use effective verbal communication skills to make the customer understand and appreciate the features of the product/service involved, make him/her realize the value for money and convince the customer to purchase the product/service.

Tele-selling is very popular in the US and is gradually picking up momentum in India. However, the Indian audience is still sceptic and avoids using plastic cards on such telemarketing and sales calls.


Example: The calls you receive by mobile network providers for value added services are nothing but tele-selling calls.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Tele-selling along with its overview.

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