Marketing PR

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Definition: Marketing PR

A marketing job has many jobs to perform. Out of these many roles, one of the very important is proper marketing of the organization through public relations (PR). PR is the practice of managing the information transfer from the organization to the public. Recently, the importance of PR for organizations belonging to all sectors and fields is growing and so is its importance as a marketing tool. Proper PR eventually leads to positive marketing of the organization and hence an increase in its reputational value.

A myriad of activities can fall under PR, some of them being press conferences and other media interactions, articles and other writings and publications about the organization, events organization and management, lobbying to influence policymakers, etc.

Almost all the organizations have started concentrating dramatically on their marketing and PR activities. Both the fields have experienced growth spurts first as separate fields and recently as complimentary fields with PR becoming an essential part of marketing mix. This convergence happened because of the same target audience and similar techniques used by both the fields. But still differences do exist mainly because PR is more about generating public goodwill towards the company and marketing is more concentrated towards the customers and their need satisfaction.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Marketing PR along with its overview.

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