Need Identification

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Definition: Need Identification

Need identification is a process where sales representative talks to his customer in the form of a question and answer session to identify the gap that the latter wants to fill for his business to grow and achieve the set-forth targets.

In order to identify the gap or needs, it is necessary to know and understand the current scenario of business and future growth needs. The questions should be customized to the business needs of the customer. This process needs to be evolved from the customer side. It so happens that the customer might raise some objections but the seller should be in a position to deal with them and convince the prospective customer about their products or services.

The questions need to analyze the current situation with facts, probe the defects in current products, meet the current challenge with seller’s products and satisfy the customer by providing warranty service at the same time.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Need Identification along with its overview.

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