Cold Calling

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Definition: Cold Calling

Cold calling is the process of approaching your potential customers or buyers who were not expecting to interact with you. The term ‘cold’ refers to the fact that you have not laid any groundwork for your call and the person on the other hand has expressed no interest or intention in buying your product. Generally, a term called ‘Door-knocking’ is used for that.

It generally happens via telephonic call. However, in the era of internet, cold calling can also happen via e-mail or connection on social networking websites. There is no general consensus over whether physical/drop-in visits are cold calling or not.


A call from your mobile network service provider to listen to new tariff/SMS plans is an example of cold call. Financial institutions calling you to invest in their attractive schemes is also form of cold calling.

A little bit more:

Cold calling is an initiator for the selling process. Cold calling is one of the difficult tasks in the selling process. It is emotionally demanding because of the variety of responses from the potential customers, from hang-ups to verbal abuses. The effectiveness of this method is fading with the rise in popularity of e-mail and social network platforms.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Cold Calling along with its overview.


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