Product Placement

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Definition: Product Placement

Product Placement or Embedded Marketing is a form of paid advertising practice that has inclusion of the product in entertainment through television, film, music talent and other media.

Product Placement is a form of Branded Entertainment blending marketing and entertainment. As per European Union is "any form of audiovisual commercial communication consisting of the inclusion of or reference to a product, a service or the trade mark thereof so that it is featured within a programme". 

Usually the company pays a fee to have their product featured in the media. As the placement of the product in the media lacks intrusiveness, consumers might not have the same negative attitude to it as they have to a commercial. Research has further showed that the association of the product with a celebrity may enhance the image of the product and increase sales. Also, as the product is embedded in the script, it cannot be avoided hence increasing the exposure to the product.

For Example:

Product Placement in Movies: Bournvita in Krrish

Product Placement in Music Videos: Miracle Whip in “Telephone” by Lady Gaga

Hence, this concludes the definition of Product Placement along with its overview.

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