Objections in Marketing

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Definition: Objections in Marketing

Objections refer to the questions faced by salesperson in making presentations before prospective customers. These are usually the reasons the customers put forth to try to avoid sales. An effective salesperson efficiently handles these objections and closes sales. Objections are of three main types:-

  • Time objections-In these type of objections, the customer tries to put off the sales to a later time.

             For example-The customer might say that the salesperson should come the next day for sales.

  • Stalling objections-These objections relate to the authority of a person to make the purchase.

For example-A housewife might say that she does not have the authority to make the purchase-it is her husband who will make the decision.

  • Latent objections-These are hidden objections which a person does not openly demonstrate.

For example-A person might not have the affordability to purchase a good but may not convey it openly-he might hide it behind some other objection.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Objections in Marketing along with its overview.


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