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Definition: Defenders

Defenders are companies that do not aggressively pursue markets. They look for relatively stable markets and seek to maintain their positions in these markets.

They do not engage in exploitation of technological innovations and do not go for new product development. They try to insulate themselves from the dynamics of the market.

Such companies usually keep their prices low, and do not incur much expenditure on advertising and promotion. They offer a limited range of products and focus more on better quality of products and good customer service. They are slow in decision making and commit themselves to a decision only after thorough research and analysis. They do not go for early market entry and focus more protecting their position in the market.


For example:- Adolph Coors Company  has  for many years emphasized production efficiency in its one Colorado brewery and has virtually ignored marketing as a defender strategy.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Defenders along with its overview.


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