Outbound Call Centre

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Definition: Outbound Call Centre

Outbound Call Centre is a type of Call Centre that makes outbound calls only to customer or sales leads on behalf of the call center itself or a client.

Outbound Call Centers focus on calls going outside, i.e. the call is made by the call center agent generally for the purposes of telemarketing, fund-raising, surveys, verification services , communicate offers, account up gradation, debt collection etc. An Outbound Call Center uses various metrics to measure the agent’s success like cost per call, revenue earned, total calls made, tasks completed etc. With people adding their numbers in the National Do Not Call Registry, it has become mandatory for call centers not to dial the registered numbers.

The types of calls made from an Outbound Call will depend upon the function assigned to the call center. Below are a few examples of the types of call that can be made by an Outbound Call Center.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Outbound Call Centre along with its overview.


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