Customer Service

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Definition: Customer Service

Customer Service is the range of activities carried out by the company that produces, markets, or supports a product to the customer of that product, during any transaction, that aim to enhance the level of customer satisfaction.

At the basic level Customer Service is nothing but the company’s ability to satisfy its customers i.e. whether the product or service meets or exceeds expectations. Customer Service is transactional in nature and happens when a transaction happens between the company and the customer.

For example: phone calls, technical support, warranty services, mediation with other parties and other services related to overall account management form a part of the various means of providing Customer Service.

The importance of Customer Service is brought out by the fact that personals interacting directly with customers help to build the perception of the company in their (customers) mind. Therefore good Customer Service also adds value to the product and helps in maintaining relationships between company and customer.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Customer Service along with its overview.

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