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Definition: Ethics

Over the years consumers view marketing to be an evil, which uses little truth to manipulate sales. Infomercials of the products that offer to reduce weight over night or avoid wrinkle development are considered as no more than scams by the consumers and the viewers of these advertisements. The advertisements that have been aired for the years have been considered as unethical and dishonest by the consumers.

Ethics refers to a set of values, principles, norms or practices that business enterprises should follow while promoting their products or service offerings. This is done to ensure that the advertisements do not have a negative impact on the overall satisfaction of the consumer regarding the consumption of the product or service. These ethical values serve as a standard for evaluating the actions of the organization.

For Example:

Fairness, truthfulness, Honesty are a few ethical values. These values and principles deal with the operation and regulation of marketing activities of a firm.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Ethics along with its overview.


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