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Definition: Vision

Vision is an aim or goal towards which one aspires. Vision of a company should be clear, challenging, focused and realistic so that it can be achieved.

A vision should be informative, shareable, enough competitive and can be enabled. Vision determines the company’s future and articulates the nature of business.

Vision should be that one which conveys about why the company was created, what it believes in and what it will strive to achieve.

The statement of Vision tells about the stages for successful marketing strategies.

An Organizational Vision is comprised of two components:

• Core Ideology: The core ideology defines the values of the organization, which should last beyond any changes and trends (external or environmental)

• An Envisioned future: The envisioned future should be laid out for a minimum of 10 years for powerful goal with descriptions that include the results

Vision Statements of some companies:

TATA STEEL: Our vision is to be the global steel industry benchmark for value creation and corporate citizenship.

INFOSYS: To help our clients meet their goals through our people, services and solutions.

Maruti Suzuki: The Leader in the Indian automobile industry, Creating Customer Delight and Shareholder‘s Wealth; A Price of India.

The statement of these companies reflects their core ideology and about their future goals.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Vision along with its overview.

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