Call Centre

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Definition: Call Centre

A call center, one of the most significant operational units of an organization, normally refers to a centralized office of an organization that is used for the purpose of collection & transmission of large volumes of data or requests over the telephone. The calls can be both inbound as well as outbound. The call center agents normally receive calls from the consumers regarding service related information or registering complaints with the company.

The agents are sometimes the first and the only representatives of the organization with whom the clients can interact and depending on the company may provide services specific to that industry or company or more generic functions. The agents may call consumers to get real-time marketing data pertaining to their satisfaction & expectation from the company products & services. The call centre agents are each provided with a computer, a telephone set/ headset connected to a telecom switch to execute their responsibilities. With almost all the companies having their own call centres to address customer requests, most of them have outsourced this to other third-party agents.

The main responsibilities of the call center staffs include

• Billing support

• Collections

• Complaint resolution

• Order Placing and processing

• Service enquiry

• Telemarketing or teleservices

• Technical Support


Hence, this concludes the definition of Call Centre along with its overview.

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