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Definition: Commuter

A commuter is an object that repeats its journey on the same path and carries passengers e.g. trains, bus, airplanes etc. Freight movement is not part of commuter. As they carry people, their key performance indicators (KPIs) involve safety, punctuality, customer service etc. The importance of timely execution can be understood from the fact that even a minute beyond their expected arrival or departure time is considered as late.

It also reflects in their operation. They recruit people who are well behaved, good in doing job and have good communication skills. They also consider human behavior in daily operation e.g. stopping commuters whether people wait, delivering messages timely, maintaining right temperature etc. Communication plays vital role in their operations e.g. crew members pass messages in standard formats, say ‘May I have your attention please!’ etc.

The most important challenge of operations is scheduling as commuter and freight run on the same infrastructure. Commuters and freight operators undergo agreement as well as operate in sync. Often commuters are given preference to freights during peak timings or week days. Freight carriers are also fined for not maintaining the schedule. There are regulations related to safety and pollution control that has to be met for beginning or continuation of any commuter services.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Commuter along with its overview.


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