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Definition: NMFC

NMFC stands for National Motor Freight Classification. It refers to a standard that’s used to compare among commodities moving in commerce. It’s published by National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA). In NMFC, commodities are grouped in 18 groups, ranging from class 50(low freight) to class 500 (high freight).

The classification is based on transportability of the commodity that depends on 4 characteristics:

• Density i.e. weight per cubic foot

• Length and breadth of the commodity

• Ease of handling

• Liability in case theft, damage, breakability, perishability etc.

The freight charges are determined based on class to which a commodity belongs. It is also imperative to determine class of a commodity in order to avoid penalties. In order to know the correct freight class, following action can be taken:

• Call at 877-610-7447

• Contact manufacturer

• Contact NMFTA or visit their official page

NMFC helps carriers as well as shippers in deciding and negotiating on freight. It simplifies the comparison of thousands of products available in marketplace. It also specifies optimum packaging requirements for safe handling of goods and provides a uniform bill of lading, including various terms and conditions.

For example, refrigerators belong to class 92.5 and have some freight charge while moving it from one place to another using a carrier. Suppose you have unknowingly mentioned it to be class 60 while sending it using a carrier. In case, it’s found to be incorrectly mentioned during inspection, a difference of freight will be charged along with heavy penalty.


Hence, this concludes the definition of NMFC along with its overview.


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