Maritime Administration (Mar Ad)

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Definition: Maritime Administration (Mar Ad)

Maritime Administration or Mar Ad is an agency of Department of Transportation that’s responsible for all the waterborne transportation. It facilitates water transportation and also looks after its integration with other modes of transportation. It’s responsible for safety and security of ships, ports, environment and nation as well. It also maintains the fleet of ships for war and other emergencies.

Mar Ad is also responsible for looking after finances related to its operation. It has to provide budget and spending details to Department of Transportation. It acts as a regulatory body as it determines the services that can be offered by a carrier and the route that the carrier has to follow. It also conducts research and development in maritime field.

Mar Ad also generates revenue through its various services like salvaging services, rental services, lease facilities etc. As marine related operations can also jeopardize national security, it’s paramount to Mar Ad and hence, outsourcing is closely watched. Example, in Feb 2006, it came to notice that Port management business of 6 US ports had been sold to a UAE based company. It spurred intense debate on implications of such action on national security.


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