AS/RS (Automatic Storage & Retrieval System)

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Definition: AS/RS (Automatic Storage & Retrieval System)

Automatic storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) is an automated system for placement and retrieval of loads from a specific location. This system is widely used in manufacturing hubs, distribution centers and warehouses. It can be beneficial where there is high volume movement, storage density has to be high due to space constraints, accuracy is important.


I. Enhances inventory control and tracking

II. Greater flexibility

III. Easily replaceable thus decreased downtime

IV. Reduces labor cost

V. Increases space utilization. Can operate in matrix of storage containers

VI. Removes personnel from difficult working conditions for example in cold storage


I. Skilled technicians and staff

II. No. of Stock keeping units are not large

III. High installation cost requires high investment

Earlier system had limitation of only handling high loads but with time handled loads have become smaller

Example- with rising cost of farm land, increasing efficiency of cold storages has become inevitable. AS/RS can help increase capacity of cold storages by using matrix of storing containers.


Hence, this concludes the definition of AS/RS (Automatic Storage & Retrieval System) along with its overview.

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