Bookable Leg

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Definition: Bookable Leg

A leg is a term used in a logistics industry. A leg has an origin, carrier and the destination. It consists of all the stages of the movement of the goods. It is also known as the bookable leg and consists of all the stages of movement that are booked through a same carrier.

There are different types of leg which are following:

1. Preliminary leg

2. Main leg

3. Direct leg

4. Subsequent leg

5. Return Leg


For Example: We are transporting a shipment internationally from New Delhi to New York via Mumbai and Chicago.

New Delhi to Mumbai- (Mode- Rail/Road) - Preliminary Leg

Mumbai to Chicago- (Mode- Sea/Air) - Main Leg

Chicago to New York- (Mode- Rail/Road) - Subsequent Leg

If any defect is there or the shipment is being sent back to New Delhi, It will be the Return leg.


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