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Definition: Chock

Chocks are wedges or blocks that are set up against the wheel of a vehicle to prevent the accidental movement of the wheels. It is used to secure all vehicles and is a common site at places where there is a huge movement of vehicles. It is a common site at airports, garages, industry, warehouses, ports etc.

Chocks are an integral safety component at places where human involvement is there since it secures the vehicles from moving and prevent accidents. It is used in industry where there is movement of goods involved to cause any damage.

Chocks are also used to secure other components such as oil barrels to prevent them from rolling. They can be made from plastic, rubber or wood depending on the application. The bottom of the wedge is generally coated with rubber to aid better grip with the ground. The end of the wedge is usually attached with a rope which makes it easier and faster to remove the chocks from a distance.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Chock along with its overview.


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