Combi Aircraft

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Definition: Combi Aircraft

Combi aircraft is an aircraft that can be used to carry passengers, cargo or can be used for both at the same point of time. Combi Aircraft has a cargo door for the easy movement of the cargo inside the plane. There is provision on the floor to add the seats to the aircraft.

Combi Aircraft can also be used to carry both the passengers and cargo at the same point of time. Many airlines use combi aircrafts for their international operations such as NorthWest Airlines.

Combi Aircrafts are used by powerful military forces across the world for the movement of troops, civilians, defence weaponry and aid material to the war torn area.

Boeing 747-400 is a commonly used combi aircraft by the major airlines across the world. C-130 J Super Hercules is one such aircraft operated by major military forces across the world.


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