Alert Messaging

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Definition: Alert Messaging

Alert messaging is a machine-to-person communication that is important or time responsive. An alert can be a reminder from the calendar or a notification of a new message. System Alerts are generated confirming the acceptance of delivery. It could be through messages, mails or any desired medium of communication and informs about the critical calls from the partners of the company.

Alerts are usually delivered through a notification system and the most common purpose of the service is machine-to-person communication. Some of the very basic services offer notification services via email or SMS.

Alerts can be defined for the following objects:

• Process servers - any status change. Rules are defined based on a process server name pattern.

• Jobs - any status change. Rules are defined based on a job definition name pattern and the job parameters.

The alerting system consists of three types of object:

• Alert Sources - object specific rules that are defined for when alerts should be created, see below.

o Process Server Alert Sources - used when a process server loses the connection to a remote system

o Job Alert Sources - used when a job reaches an undesired status

o Ad Hoc Alert Sources - used in job chains to fire alerts with the job definition Systems_Alert_Send

• Alert Escalations - rules detailing who to send the alert to, how long to wait for acknowledgment, and which alert to escalate to should the alert remain unacknowledged.

• Alert Gateways - rules determining how messages are formatted and sent.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Alert Messaging along with its overview.

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