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Definition: ACROSS

Accelerated Commercial Release Operations Support System (ACROSS) is a Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) Electronic Data Interchange System which allows brokers and traders to transfer data and file documents to Canada Customs and Service Agency (CCRA) anytime they want. The use of improved electronic technology has led to significant improvement in the process of imports into Canada.

Shipment release information is communicated to CBSA in a digital format rather than a hard copy format on paper. Thus, this electronic exchange by importers and brokers with the CBSA eliminates the requirement to present paper release packages, subject to certain limitations. The system increases efficiency, decreases paperwork and speeds the release of shipment from Canada Customs, thus enabling CBSA to dedicate more time to their business.

The improvements in ACROSS allow EDI clients the option of transmitting release information that has other government department (OGD) requirements.

The releases may be submitted by two methods:

1. Pre-arrival Review System

2. Post-arrival Review System

The most common cargo and release services are:

1. Release on Minimum Documentation (RMD): It includes basic shipment information like seller details, buyer details, source details, destination details, date of shipping, quantity, and description of goods and the total value of the goods contained in it.

2. Appraisal Quality Release (ARQ): This data release requires the transmission of complete Canada Customs Invoice along with other basic data elements such as the transaction number.

3. Appraisal Quality with Harmonised System: This release service is appraisal quality with Harmonized System tariff number attached. It is beneficial, when the exporter, importer and carrier of the goods all have good compliance records and have been approved by Customs for machine release.

Salient Features

• Electronic release of commercial shipments

• An interface with Other Government Departments (OGDs) to release shipments that have OGD requirements

• Ability to customize registration and release services to meet the needs of importers

• Workload management feature which increases the efficiency of the importing process thus allowing the CBSA to shift resources to meet service and enforcement priorities

• The improved enforcement capabilities of the CBSA allow more time dedication to the prevention of illicit goods entering Canada. It also provides a sophisticated method for targeting high-risk shipments


Hence, this concludes the definition of ACROSS along with its overview.


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