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Definition: Changeover

Changeover is a term which is generally used in manufacturing and which can be defined as a process of changing a machine or line from running one product to another. The changeover time is different for different processes. For example it may last from few minutes to many days as it happens in case of automobile manufacturers who have to retool for new models. Sometimes the terms changeover and set up are used for each other which is wrong as these are two different terms and this usage is incorrect. Set-up is just a component of changeover.

Example- A soft drink machine may run 15oz bottles on a single day but after a changeover in the line, the machine may then run 18oz bottles a day.


The above three ups are the divisions of changeover. Clean-up means cleaning up of the line and includes removal of the previous materials, products of components from the line. Clean-up may range from minor to major and may require cleaning of line components followed by sterilizing and disassembly of the equipment. Set-up is the process of converting the equipment after cleaning it up. It includes adjusting it to the corresponding product or changing the non-adjustable parts to accommodate the product. Start-up is nothing but the time which is spent on tuning the equipment after it is restarted. Main causes of start-up time are variability in the components of the product of variability in clean-up or set-up.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Changeover along with its overview.

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