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Definition: Code

Code can be defined as a system of rules to convert information into another form for communication through a medium. There are two processes relating to a code- Encoding and Decoding. Encoding is the process of converting information into codes or symbols in order to store such information while Decoding is the process of deciphering information out of the codes.

In computer science and information theory, usually a code is considered as an algorithm which represents symbols by encoded strings from some source alphabet, which may be present in some different target alphabet.


• Quick Response Code: The QR code was first designed for the automotive industries in Japan. It is a type of two-dimensional barcode or matrix barcode. QR code stores data by use of standardize encoding modes i.e. Numeric, Alphanumeric, Byte and Kanji. The following is a QR code.


• Barcode: A barcode is a code attached to a certain object which is in a machine readable form and represents data relating to that object. Barcode systematically represents data by varying the spaces and widths of parallel lines. The following image shows a Barcode.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Code along with its overview.


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