Consular Documents

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Definition: Consular Documents

Commercial documents approved by consulate of importing country in exporting country. Approval includes sighting, going through, signing and stamping of the document. This is a mandatory document and has to be obtained in order to complete the transaction.

These are set of documents which could contain documents such as bill of lading, consular invoice, certification of origin, special invoice etc. one thing remains common regardless of the document whichever comes in category of Consulate Document has to be signed by consulate.



1) It prevents better check on things being imported in country from security point of view

2) Prevents huge queues at port of importing country

3) Prevents wastage of time at importing country

4) Consulate present in origin country can provide swift n better background check


Textile market of Ludhiana, Punjab exports goods to various countries in the world including UK. Industries interested in exporting to UK can gather information about required documents from its consulate. Prepare all documents well in advance and get it approved before dispatching. This way they and many other exporters from all around the world carrying different goods will not have to form line at port to take permissions. They can smoothly sail their products to desired location which otherwise could have taken days.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Consular Documents along with its overview.

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