Federal Maritime Commission

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Definition: Federal Maritime Commission

FMC is an independent federal agency, based out of Washington, D.C., and it looks after the ocean borne international transportation of the United States of America for the benefit of exporters, importers and the American consumer.

Mission Statement: To foster a fair, efficient and reliable transnational ocean transportation system and to protect the public from unfair, unjust and deceptive practices.

Vision Statement: Fairness and efficiency in United States Maritime Commerce.

FMC ensures efficient and competitive ocean transport services for shipping public by:

i) Reviewing and monitoring the agreements among the various ocean carriers and marine terminal operators which serve the United States foreign trade to ensure that they do not substantially increase the transportation costs or reduce services

ii) Maintain and review service contracts and NVOCC* Service Agreements to guard against detrimental effects to shipping

iii) Provide a forum for exporters, importers and other member of shipping public to obtain relief from shipping practices or disputes on high seas that impede commercial flow

iv) Ensure that the tariff rates and charges of common carriers are published in private, automated tariff systems and are available in electronic domain

v) Monitor rates, charges and rules of government-owned or regulated carriers to ensure that they are just and reasonable

vi) Take action to address unfavourable conditions caused by foreign government practices in United States foreign shipping trades

*NVOCC- Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier

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