Container Freight Station Charge

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Definition: Container Freight Station Charge

Container Freight Station or CFS is a warehouse or a port facility where loading and unloading of cargo takes place. It is actually meant for consolidation of goods into containers before export or deconsolidation before imports.

This can be explained by a situation- suppose you purchase goods less than the capacity of a container, then your goods will be consolidated to a container and shipped to the destination country. Upon reaching the destination country, your goods are deconsolidated and packed separately till they are transported to the next intermediary.


Container Freight Station Charges primarily involve the custom duty that one needs to pay plus the shipment handling and sorting charges that are levied based on the size and type of shipment.


The shipment is categorized into hazardous, non-hazardous or essential goods. So, the cost varies in accordance to that. In addition to these, there are transportation and storage charges that are levied. Storage charges are proportionate to the time your cargo is there at the dock. Transportation charges vary from port to port.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Container Freight Station Charge along with its overview.


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