Charging Station

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Definition: Charging Station

Charging area or charging stations are places where people charge their electric equipment or vehicles. In developed countries, where electric vehicles are becoming common these days, charging stations are installed alongside the streets. These stations provide electric power at a high voltage and a high current which are not available at residential complexes, to facilitate quick charging. These stations are also installed in the parking areas.

We generally find 4 types of charging areas:

a) Residential Charging Stations

These types of stations are installed at homes. These are used to charge vehicles in the night time so that vehicle can be used in the next day. These facilitate charging at domestic voltage and domestic current levels available at homes, hence their charging speed is slow. It may take even a full night to charge the vehicle. These however require only a dedicated wiring and no metering or authentication.

b) Parking cum charging areas

These type of stations are set up in partnership with the owner of the parking lot. The voltages and currents may be variable in such stations. These can be set up in parking stations at malls, railways stations etc.

c) Street Charging Stations

These are setup in parking areas alongside streets. These facilitate charging the vehicles at a very fast rate as their voltage and current levels are high. Commuters use this stations on their way in metropolitan areas when they stop for 10-15 minutes to buy or take something. These may provide sufficient charging in 10-15 minutes to drive the vehicle 60-70 Km.

d) Battery Swaps

These stations provide the facility to replace the discharged battery of the vehicle with the charged one. The operation takes about 10 minutes, hence eliminates the delay of charging in a traditional station. These require specially built vehicles for this purpose. Tesla Motors, Mitibushi Heavy Industries are among the companies those manufacture such vehicle and facilitate such battery swaps.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Charging Station along with its overview.


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