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Definition: Crane

A type of machine that find its application wherever there is a need to lift loads or move them horizontally. It is loaded with ropes, hoist, pulley systems, chains which are used to move loads. It is basically used to lift loads and transport them to other places. Crane uses set of machines which help to create mechanical advantage to create heavy loads. Cranes can also be used to transport loads over small distances depending upon the application.

Cranes are used in transport industry to manage freight, construction industry to lift and move heavy construction materials and manufacturing industry to aid in the assembly process.

There are generally two types of cranes in use that are following:

1. Overhead Crane

2. Mobile Crane


Overhead Crane: Overhead cranes are used in the manufacturing industry primarily where it is used to move heavy loads on the shop floor. They are installed to slide on horizontal beams installed manufacturing floor. Overhead cranes are high capacity cranes with load carrying capacity of 1 tons and above.

Mobile Crane: Mobile cranes are used to carry heavy loads and transport them over small distances depending upon the application. There are several types of mobile cranes. Some of them are mounted on trucks and others have the option to move using tires or tracks.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Crane along with its overview.


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